Other Dry Tortugas Sites

  • Donna J. Souza
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The archaeological analysis of the Pulaski Site yields a great deal of important information about the vessel that wrecked there. We know, for example, that the vessel was a nineteenth century sailing vessel. We know it was square-rigged, and we know it used auxiliary steam power to operate its ground tackle. We know also from the evidence of repairs and different types of sheathing that it was an older vessel. We know its heading at the time it was lost and we can surmise from the undeployed anchors and wide distribution of material that it ran aground with no warning. But we cannot assume that this vessel is representative of all merchant sailing vessels of this time period. In order to begin to formulate generalizations about adaptive behavior in maritime activities in the Dry Tortugas, it is necessary to consider materials from other wreck sites of sailing vessels in the same area and of approximately the same time period.


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