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Taurine-Stimulated Outgrowth from the Retina is Impaired by Protein Kinase C Activators and Phosphatase Inhibitors

  • Lucimey Lima
  • Suzana Cubillos
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 442)


Taurine increases neurite elongation of post-crush goldfish retinal explants, as well as the number of outgrowing isolated cells from goldfish and rat retina in culture. The trophic effect of taurine is related to an elevation in calcium flux rather than increased cell proliferation. Since taurine regulates phosphorylation in rat retina, we investigated if this process could be involved in the mechanism of taurine action on outgrowth. Control and taurine-supplemented post-crush goldfish retinal expiants were cultured in the presence of protein kinase C activators or phosphatase inhibitors, and the length of neuntes was measured after five days in culture. In some cases, there was an inhibition of the stimulatory effect of taurine without a modification in basal outgrowth. In others, outgrowth of control expiants was also reduced. A certain level of protein phosphorylation seems to be critical for the trophic effect of taurine in the retina.


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  • Suzana Cubillos
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