Solution Properties of Conducting Polymers

  • Jae Yoon Lee
  • Hoosung Lee


Very often, the scientific data about conducting polymers appearing in the literatures deviate significantly from author to author. Even in the same laboratory it is not unusual to get data significantly different from the ones obtained previously. One of the reasons for such poor reprocucibility of data is in the lack of ability to reproduce the sample in a well-defined state. In order to prepare samples in a well-defined state, knowledge on the molecular properties, such as molecular weights and their distribution, degree of chain expansion in solutions, and interactions with the dopant molecules, etc., is essential. However, the understanding on the molecular properties of conducting polymers has been greatly hindered by their inherent insolubility. Attempts have been made to solubilize these polymers by incorporating alkyl-substituted monomers in the polymerization1–7. Recently, scientists found new methods for dissolving polyaniline (PAN) and polypyrrole (PPy) without applying substituted alkyl groups8–13.


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