Students as Clients

  • William P. Erchul
  • Brian K. Martens
Part of the Issues in Clinical Child Psychology book series (ICCP)


Each September, millions of children across the country return to their classrooms ready to begin another year of public schooling. The majority of these children will be successful in learning the material presented to them, will earn passing marks from their teacher, and will be promoted to the next grade level. For a certain proportion of children, however (approximately 11% nationwide; Reschly, 1988), the year at school will be a markedly different experience. Some of these children will lack the skills needed to tackle grade-level material, and as a result will struggle with even routine classroom assignments. Others will be unaccustomed to waiting patiently for the teacher’s attention or working quietly in their seat, and as a result will engage in behavior that disrupts others.


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