Bases of an Integrated Model of School Consultation

  • William P. Erchul
  • Brian K. Martens
Part of the Issues in Clinical Child Psychology book series (ICCP)


In this chapter we present the underlying bases of the integrated model of school consultation, which is described in detail in Chapter 5. Bases associated with community mental health are the concepts of population-oriented prevention, crisis, and social support as well as Gerald Caplan’s model of mental health consultation (Caplan, 1970; Caplan & Caplan, 1993). Bases associated with behavioral psychology are problem solving, behavior modification in applied settings, and John R. Bergan’s model of behavioral consultation (Bergan, 1977; Bergan & Kratochwill, 1990). Other important bases are social power and interpersonal influence. Finally, we address the issue of laying the groundwork for successful entry into school and classroom settings. After reading Chapter 4, one should understand the bases of and rationale for the integrated model of school consultation presented in Chapter 5.


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