Current Status and Future Directions

  • Joseph A. Durlak
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Previous chapters have summarized findings and discussed some issues germane to specific areas such as the prevention of behavioral and social problems, academic problems, and so on. The intent of this last chapter is to highlight some important findings and themes that have emerged across these different areas. In doing so, some liberties have been taken in synthesizing prevention research. Investigators have not used the same terminology or measurement procedures across studies, so some judgments and inferences have been made. Programs also vary greatly in their scope and focus, so there are exceptions to each of the following comments and recommendations. Although it is impossible to do justice to all of the prevention programs that have been discussed in earlier chapters, the following sections emphasize some important discoveries and principles that have emerged among diverse interventions. The first section summarizes the general outcomes of prevention, the second section offers some guidelines for improving interventions, and the final section offers a few comments on the future.


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