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Modulation of Cytokine Responses by Iscoms and Iscom-Matrix

  • Maria Villacres-Eriksson
  • Shahriar Behboudi
  • Karin Lövgren-Bengtsson
  • Bror Morein
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 293)


The immunomodulating complex (iscom) is a formulation in which protein antigens are coincorporated with glycosylated triterpenoids possessing adjuvant activity in the same particle (Morein et al, 1984). In electron microscopy, the iscoms appear as organized cage-like structures of 30–40 nm in diameter (Özel et al, 1989). Chemically, iscoms consist of glycosylated triterpenoids from Quillaja saponaria Molina, cholesterol, phospholipids and amphipathic protein antigens (Lövgren and Morein, 1988a). Complexes prepared without protein are called iscom-matrix (matrix) and have the same electron microscopic morphology as iscoms (Özel et al, 1989). The basic concept of the iscom is to deliver the adjuvant and the protein antigen in the same particle, assuring optimal activation of antigen-presenting cells (APC).


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  • Shahriar Behboudi
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  • Karin Lövgren-Bengtsson
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