Sums of Sinusoidal Forces or EMF’s—Fourier Analysis

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In Chapter 3 we studied the response on an oscillator to a driving force with sinusoidal time-dependence. In the present chapter we build up more complicated forces by adding sinusoidal forces together.


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    We state many mathematical results without proof. Proofs can be found in books on mathematical analysis, such as E. T., Whittaker, and G. N. Watson. A Course of Modern Analysis. American ed, New York; Macmillan, 1943.Google Scholar
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    Mathematical analysis has been extended to include nonfunctions such as the delta “function,” which is called a “distribution” instead of a function. The branch of analysis that deals with such objects is known as the theory of distributions. It is discussed in Barros-Neto, J. An Introduction to the Theory of Distributions“ New York; Dekker,1973. Challifour, J. L. Generalized Functions and Fourier Analysis; an Introduction. Reading, MA; Benjamin, 1972.Google Scholar
  4. 4.
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