T Cell Development in the Human Thymus

  • Bart Vandekerckhove
  • Dominique Vanhecke
  • Jean Plum


T cell differentiation occurs in the thymus. In the thymus CD4+ helper cells and CD8αβ+ cytotoxic cells are generated under tight MHC control. Besides intrathymic T cell generation, T cells are generated outside the thymus. Peripheral expansion of mature T cells, which may or may not be antigen driven, is a major source of peripheral T cells, as well as de novo formation of T cells. Extrathymic T cell development mainly gives rise to CD4-CD8 double negative or CD8αα+TCRαβ+ and TCRγδ+ cells which reside mainly in bone marrow and epithelia.


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  • Bart Vandekerckhove
    • 1
  • Dominique Vanhecke
    • 1
  • Jean Plum
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  1. 1.Department of Clinical ChemistryMicrobiology and Immunology University HospitalGentBelgium

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