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Let (Ω, F, P) be a probability space and let F t , t ≥ 0, be a nondecreasing family of sub-σ-algebras of F. Let η(·) be an (Ω, F t , P) Brownian motion in ℝ m . Let θ: ω → {1,..., N} be F 0-measurable with P(θ = j) = \(P\left( {\theta = j} \right) = \pi _j^0\); here \(\left\{ {\pi _1^0 , \ldots \pi _N^0 } \right\}\) is a fixed but arbitrary distribution on {1,..., N}. For each j = 1,..., N let z j (·) be a progressively measurable process. Throughout this chapter we shall assume that
$$P\left( {\mathop {\max }\limits_{1 \leqslant j \leqslant N} \int_0^T {\left| {z_j \left( t \right)} \right|^2 dt < \infty ,T > 0} } \right) = 1.$$


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