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This book contains descriptions of algorithms for image processing such as noise reduction, including reduction of impulse noise, contrast enhancement, shading correction, edge detection, and many others. The source codes of the projects in the C# programming language implementing the algorithms are included on the book’s companion web site. The source codes are Windows Forms projects rather than Microsoft Foundation Classes Library (MFC) projects. The controls and the graphics in these projects are implemented by means of simple and easily understandable methods. I have chosen this way of implementing controls and graphics services rather than those based on MFC because the integrated development environment (IDE) using MFC is expensive. Besides that, the software using MFC is rather complicated. It includes many different files in a project and the user is largely unable to understand the sense and usefulness of these files. On the contrary, Windows Forms and its utility tools are free and are easier to understand. They supply controls and graphics similar to that of MFC.

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