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In Chapter  1 we differentiated between a database benchmark, database stress test, and workload capture/replay. Then in Chapter  2, we covered all the relevant database benchmarks, both current and past (i.e., obsolete). So much like a teen learning to drive a car, you’ve now studied the rules of the road and passed the written test to obtain a learner’s permit. Now it’s time to exercise that knowledge and to do some actual driving (long before ever taking the final road test). For that, the anxious and excited teen would need the use of a car and a legal driver as a passenger (note that there are other limitations such as no other teens and no driving at night). So similarly for database benchmarking, you are going to need some tools and to do some test driving with limits until you get sufficient experience before doing it for real. Thus, here in Chapter  3, we’ll cover some of the database benchmarking tools that are available and how to best use them. Furthermore, we’ll cover some other tools that you may consider a benchmarking tool but which better fit under the category of database stress test or workload capture/replay tools.

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