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App modules within Dynamics 365 CE allow for the encapsulation of a collection of assets into a single application. That application can then be made available for those users with specific security roles at the app level. Using apps to design Dynamics 365 functionality is commonly referred to as model-driven apps or app modules. First-party apps, such as those for sales and customer service, are presented in the same way as custom-built app modules, giving users a consistent experience across Dynamics 365 CE. They give organizations the ability to create focused applications without the need to hide irrelevant items on the sitemap or create a complex security model as we have had to do previously. Having the sitemap, forms, and dashboards reduced to only what the users need to have access to is a focused way of designing an application rather than giving them a large application and going through extensive training. The core application is split into first-party apps covering sales, customer service, marketing, field service, and project service.

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