Consider the Corporate Culture

A North East Transportation Corporation Story
  • Michael Nir


Surprisingly, the training had nothing to do with programming languages or IT in general. Software developers and testers were mixed with user experience designers, business representatives, and call center employees to learn about making business hypotheses, rapidly building software prototypes and customized services to validate these ideas with customers, and using the results of these experiments to either “pivot” and try something else when the ideas didn’t work or “persevere” and build new products on the hypothesis that were proven with real customers. By the end of the first month, they split into 15 teams of 7-9 employees, each having developers, testers, a user experience designer, and business stakeholders representing one of the areas of North East business: routing, assigning, dispatching, targeting, servicing, repair and maintenance, customer service, and other relevant areas. Each team was tasked with identifying hypotheses about changes in the area of their accountability, staging experiments, and pivoting or persevering to define the solution(s) that address customer needs, the ones that would benefit employees, and preserve company values.

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