Exciting Times Ahead

  • Mario Vanhoucke


Jacob was extremely satisfied with the way things were going in GlobalConstruct. Although the completion of the tennis stadium construction project was still months away, he was convinced that with the collective strengths of all team members and their choice for open communication, the project would follow the right path to reach a successful end. He was also well aware of the little rumors that were going around the company about his close relationship with Joanna. Although he had never heard a sense of negativity around this gossip, he realized that the pressure to hold a formal communication moment could not be postponed forever. So, he had finally decided to share his hidden—but, to most of the members, known—secret with his closest board members. It was no secret that Joanna, ever since her acceptance as board member, had been a close collaborative friend to Jacob. The company leader had always expressed his respect for her communication skills and her ability to inspire team members to take one step beyond the normal. Although his decision to leave the company might have come as a surprise to some people in the company, the choice of Joanna as the new Chief Executive Officer did not.

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