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In the last chapter, you learned about options to help you extend the static content of your site to bring in dynamic content using HTML tags and JavaScript as well as how you can use AWS platform services such as the AWS API Gateway to process data for you without the need for server infrastructure. With you relying heavily on the AWS platform and services for the hosting of your website content (S3), domain name (Route53), access control (IAM), and other AWS services (API Gateway and Lambda), I think it's now time that I spend a chapter talking about how you can monitor these services so that you can be alerted when changes occur or if the services stop working as expected. In this chapter, I will introduce logging for the services that you have already set up and the AWS monitoring service, CloudWatch. The foundation that you build in this chapter will lend itself to future services that are used within the AWS platform because CloudWatch is something that can be used with all AWS services.


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