An introduction to design patterns

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During different phases of a software development, one the most common query was: Is there any standards to this development process? The question was obvious because a software team consists of many engineers and they all involve in the development process. But different people have different mindsets and different level of understanding to deal with a similar kind of situation. This issue was also a big concern for a new member (experienced or unexperienced does not matter) who joined in the team and was assigned to do something from scratch or to modify something in the existing product. As already mentioned, since earlier days, there were no standards, to become familiar with the existing design of the system, he needed to put some additional efforts though he/she may have handled situation like this earlier. Design Patterns simply addresses this kind of issues and make a common platform for all developers. We shall remember that these patterns were intended to be applied in object oriented designs with the intention of reuse to reduce duplicate efforts.


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