Protecting Your Device

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The iPhone has only been around since 2007, and the iPad since 2010, but already these devices have become indispensable parts of many people's lives. That indispensability comes from the sheer versatility of these devices. In a typical day, you probably use your iOS device to surf the Web, exchange emails and text messages, make calls, manage your contacts and calendar, listen to music, play games, check the weather or the stock market, and a dozen other tasks large and small. However, that insanely great power and convenience come with a price: your iOS device is loaded with information about you. To be sure, most of that data is likely trivial or ephemeral, but much of it is private and sensitive. Losing your iOS device would be a major inconvenience, but someone else getting access to your information could lead to big problems. So, yes, the notion of protecting your iOS device might not sound like a troubleshooting topic. But taking steps to ensure that you can find your device if it gets lost, and that while your device is lost no one else can see or mess with your information, can be viewed as a form of preventative maintenance. And preventing trouble before it happens is the best type of troubleshooting.


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