Repairing Battery and Charging Problems

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One of the oddities of the modern digital world is that while our devices have undergone mind-blowing increases in performance, miniaturization, and overall technical sophistication over the past decade or so, the battery life of those devices has increased comparatively slowly. For example, from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 6 – four generations – battery life for using the Internet over Wi-Fi increased from 9 hours to 11 hours. Apple claims the iPhone 7 Plus will get 15 hours, but even a 67 percent increase over six generations is nothing to brag about. Given the importance we place on our iOS devices, it's no wonder that the number one gripe by far among users is poor battery life and the number one request by far for each new generation is better – much better – battery performance. Unfortunately, there are many technical reasons why we won't see a radical increase in battery life for our iOS devices any time soon. That means we need to take steps now to monitor and maximize the batteries that we have.


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