The Motion Editor and Inverse Kinematics

  • Tom Green
  • Joseph Labrecque


What you saw in the previous chapter was a compendium of traditional animation techniques—traditional not in the Flash animation pioneer John Kricfalusi sense, but in the sense that they represent the basic tools animators working in Animate CC have used since time out of mind. Some tools don’t change simply because they don’t have to; they’re that useful. The exciting part is that Adobe introduced a new set of tools back in the Flash CS4 era in addition to the time-tested tools. This double-whammy puts you in charge of the workflow that makes the most sense to you. Use one set or the other or combine them—the choice is yours. The best part is that because this is animation, you pretty much have to drink a broth of lukewarm poisonwood oils to not have fun while you’re working.


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