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I have in the previous chapters explained a number of techniques to illustrate better what you are talking about. The real difficulty with presentation software, as with any medium, is in overcoming the limitations of the medium to fully express what you want to say; one is always tempted by fitting the presentation to the medium, especially when creating a new slide obligingly suggests “Click to add title” and “Click to add text” (next, in the second case, to a bullet point). In this chapter I am going to discuss a number of text cases showing how to blend animation, transitions, substitutions, and create visual aids that support your talk instead of shaping it: visual aids that no longer look like what they are – a plain PowerPoint presentation. You actually need a surprisingly small number of “effects,” none of them particularly fancy, to achieve such a result. I’ll put a particular emphasis on fugitive slides to show you how to go from the traditional “next slide” treatment to presentations where, at least in places, you can have a far more fluid and cinematic approach.


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