Measuring DBA Inputs to End-User Experience and Business Value

  • Michael S. Cuppett


People want to be recognized for work well done; it is just human nature. The challenge for IT folks is being able to quantify how application, infrastructure, and operational changes improve the business by making customers happier, leaning processes, or contributing to revenue increases or cost decreases. Cumulative degradation mathematically reveals what IT leaders have struggled against when defining metrics to prove IT’s value to the business (refer to Table 1-1 in Chapter 1). Imagine the CIO sharing uptime metrics with other CXOs, knowing that the CXOs are hearing daily from their teams that the application systems are unstable and slow. A CIO stating 99.9% uptime undoubtedly receives flak from the other chiefs. Uptime, which means that the computer is running and the application works, is much different from a measure showing productive use of the application to meet business and consumer demands.


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