Active Medical Device Cyber-Attacks

  • Luis Ayala


Let me begin by saying I am not a doctor and I have zero medical training, but I do have over 15 years’ experience in the Intelligence Community. Let there be no doubt in your mind, this book is about he possibility of weaponization of medical devices by hackers wishing to injure patients in healthcare facilities. This chapter describes what I believe could happen if an attacker is able to hack into a hospital network that controls the functions or parameters of a connected active medical device (AMD). An AMD is one that interfaces directly with a patient to administer medical treatment. I’m sure in some cases I may have missed the mark, but I assure you that a persistent terrorist will enlist the services of biomedical technicians to create a viable cyber-physical attack on a hospital’s active medical devices if he so desires. The entire scope of armamentarium can be hacked.


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