Releasing Your First Project

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If you will recall, in Chapter 4 I mentioned that the Execution Phase of any project is the longest. In fact you should think of the Execution Phase as having two parts; one part of the work is the execution of the project work and the other is the actual release of the project deliverables. Traditional project management training materials gloss over, or completely ignore, the second part because it’s such a small part of the overall execution of the project work. Here’s the thing: the release work is the final stretch, the last mile, the final shot, the last piece of chicken, etc., and if your team chokes on the release it’s entirely possible to turn what was a successful project into a hot mess with a bad reputation. So as a project manager, how do you avoid that career-deadening move? You carefully plan for, and execute, the release of the deliverables, and I’m going to show you just how to do that here.


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