Hitting the Open Road

  • Melanie McBride


We’ve gone through the mechanics of project management all the way from the flick of your key stakeholders’ wrist, starting the project engine to Initiate the project, down through the valley of Planning and over the hills of Executing, drifting sideways through the Release and ending with a slick, skidding, parking-brake stop at Closing. Whew, what a rush! Okay, what that really means is that you’ve read through this book and are ready to tackle that next project, so again, where do you start? Once you’re on that journey to focus on the mechanics of project management, how do you start immediately injecting some of the learning now without waiting until you kick off another project? Are there any road hazards you need to be watching out for? Further, let’s inject a little reality here and talk about what do you do when your project is a failure, shall we? Last, what’s over that next rise, or in other words, where should you take your PM practice once you master the mechanics? Hold on, folks, those are the topics we’ll be covering next.


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