Stripping Down Project Management to the Chassis

Congratulations, you’re a project manager!
Now what do you do?
  • Melanie McBride


Project management is a vastly complex and complicated endeavor, and like any other complex and complicated effort it’s often hard to know just where to start. In this case it’s not that you can’t find training material or mentors to help you along your journey, it’s that you’re completely overwhelmed by all of the information out there and by the consequences of screwing it all up. You feel like you’re destined to be the featured entrée at a management luau sometime in the distant future if you can’t lead this project team. You’re completely bewildered by all of the processes you must follow and the documentation you must produce. Never fear! There is a light at the end of this tunnel and this book will help you find it. Now take a deep breath and let’s dive right in by stripping down this thing we call project management to the bare bones, the fundamentals, the chassis if you will.


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