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Software Design Concepts

  • Alasdair Gilchrist


The Industrial Internet will require the convergence of mobile and social devices, the cloud, and Big Data analytics to be successful. The traditional M2M architecture used was based on the principles of the SOA, and now with the introduction of the IIoT, SOA is more important than ever for delivering services, providing insight, and integrating systems. By applying service-oriented architecture principles to IIoT architecture, a business can manage and govern business and IT transformation. The benefits range from the seamless integration of machines, devices, and services, as well as cloud-enabled software, infrastructure, and platforms for services and solutions, which provides for holistic business insight. SOA also provided the agility to externalize APIs. SOA integrates the domains of the IIC reference architecture, such as the control (OT), operations, and enterprise (IT) domains, among others, with the Internet of Things.


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