The Technical and Business Innovators of the Industrial Internet

  • Alasdair Gilchrist


The advances in sensor technologies in recent times have been driven by the advent of high-speed and low-cost electronic circuits, a change in the way we approach signal processing, and corresponding advances in manufacturing technologies. The coming together of these new developments in these synergetic fields has allowed sensor designers and manufacturers to take a completely novel approach, such as introducing intelligence for self-monitoring and self-calibration, thereby increasing the performance of their technical products. Similarly, the advances in sensor manufacturing technologies facilitate the production of systems and components with a low cost-to-performance ratio. This includes advances in microsystem technologies, where manufacturers are increasingly adopting techniques such as surface and bulk micromachining. Furthermore, initiatives exploring the potential in the field of digital signal processing involve novel approaches for the improvement of sensor properties. These improvements in sensor performance and quality mean that multi-sensor systems, which are the foundation of the Industrial Internet, can significantly contribute to the enhancement of the quality and availability of information. Due to these initiatives and an innovative approach by designers, this has led to new sensor structures, manufacturing technologies, and signal processing methods in individual and multi-sensor systems. However, it is the latest trends in sensor technology that have the most relevance in the Industrial Internet and these are the miniaturization of sensors and components, the widespread use of multi-sensor systems, and the increasing availability of radio wireless and autonomous sensors.


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