Conceptual and Logical Data Model Production

  • Louis Davidson
  • Jessica Moss


In this chapter, we are going to really wind things up and begin to apply the skills that were covered in the previous chapters and begin creating a data model. It won’t likely be identical to the final model that gets implemented by any means, but the goal of this model will be to serve as the basis for the eventual model that will get implemented. Personally, I both love and loathe this particular step in the process because this is where things get complicated. All of the requirements and documents need to be considered. The architects and programmers from all disciplines, ideally, will be collaborating to achieve a data model and designs for the user and back-end experiences. This step is where you will also get to be the most artistic, looking for unique and interesting solutions to a variety of data needs. This chapter is the final stop before we get to do what most programmers look forward to…writing code.


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