Movement in Digital Video: Frames, the 4th Dimension

  • Wallace Jackson


Now that you have an understanding of the fundamental concepts, terms, and principles of "static" vector illustration and raster image new media content, it is time to get into new media concepts, terms, formats, and principles that are specific to digital video (as well as to 2D and 3D animation). We will look at the two popular video file formats supported by widely used platforms, such as Android Studio, HTML5, Windows, Kindle, and iOS. We'll be looking at the concepts behind analog video, film, and animation, and how these can be digitized inside digital video editing software packages. We will look at how digital video is created using image frames, displayed at a rapid rate of speed, and we will look at digital video concepts, such as frame rates and industry standard video resolutions. We'll look at advanced digital video encoder and playback (decoding) concepts, such as bit-rates, video streaming, HD audio, and captive digital video.


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