The Tools of Digital Video: Non-Linear Editing Software

  • Wallace Jackson


This book will take you through the foundation of digital video editing, as well as covering how to use other new media assets in your digital video editing pipeline, such as raster imagery, vector illustration, digital painting, digital audio, and special effects. If you're interested in any of these, the author has a series of fundamentals books, covering each of these multimedia genres, which were released near the end of 2015. The author will be adding to these new media fundamentals books in 2016 starting with this title in the first quarter. We will also be covering using digital video assets created during this book with popular computer programming languages, as well as in open source content publishing platforms, such as Kindle, Android Studio, HTML5, Java, or JavaFX. I will start at the lowest level concepts; in this chapter this will be available software tools, and we will build upon each of these foundational concepts in subsequent chapters until you have a fundamental understanding of digital video editing tools, concepts, terms, and techniques.


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