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The thing was, however, that the soup was pretty, well, bland. It’s not that it wasn’t good or healthy or anything like that—it just had no kick. Also, I live at an altitude of 6300 feet. Water boils at a lower temperature than it does at sea level, which is where most recipes tend to be baselined. Like any project, I had to make adjustments to the process. I added this or that spice, varied the types and amounts of primary ingredients—for example, tomato sauce, meat, vegetables, and so forth. This is when cooking started to really become fun. I was experimenting, but not just trying things randomly. I varied the process depending on the needs of where I was in my development. If I didn’t think something was spicy enough, I added spice. If I thought the soup was too thick, I’d add broth or a little water. I adjusted on the fly in accordance with the needs of the process.


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