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One of the primary reasons for writing this book was to share my experiences from over six years on Agile projects and, ideally, to help other development teams learn from others’ mistakes. I’m a big believer in learning from others’ experience and not repeating the mistakes and going through the same pain. On several Agile projects, I’ve see new teams refuse to ask more seasoned teams for advice. Perhaps they just wanted to learn on their own and not be influenced by others’ experiences. Maybe they thought they had all the knowledge and tools they needed to be successful. But, inevitably, I would hear them go through all the same pain that other teams had gone through and long since learned from. That’s why I wanted to share these stories. Not every team is the same and not every scenario is covered here; that could never be the case. There is no right answer and the thoughts about each story are just my opinions and based on what I have personally experienced.


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