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There are two aspects to the Agile Project Manager (APM): the work done outside the iterations, which I have been calling the PM and is similar to the traditional project manager; and the work done inside the iterations, which is sometimes called an agile coach and servant leader. The PM and the APM have a slightly different focus, and therefore involve slightly different skill sets between Region 2 (outside the iterations) and Region 1 (inside the iterations) of the project. (See Chapter  1 for a discussion of how the regions differ, and how agile PM theory differs from traditional PM theory in this regard.) Usually the person filling the PM role is the same person who fills the APM role, but that does not necessarily have to be the case. The PM fills a more traditional role in Region 2 than does the APM in Region 1, so a PM that will work as an APM will need the same agile skills as the APM.


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