Integrating MongoDB with Oracle Database in Oracle Data Integrator

  • Deepak Vohra


MongoDB is a BSON (binary JSON) format NoSQL database and the leading NoSQL database. Oracle Database is the leading relational database. The use case could be to load MongoDB data into Oracle Database. Oracle Loader for Hadoop does not support the MongoDB BSON format directly. Oracle Loader for Hadoop supports loading from Hive. A Hive external table may be defined on a MongoDB datastore using the Hive Storage Handler for MongoDB. Oracle Data Integrator automates the use of Oracle Loader for Hadoop with the IKM File-Hive to Oracle knowledge module. In this chapter we shall load MongoDB data into Oracle Database in Oracle Data Integrator. This chapter is a continuation of  Chapter 11. This chapter covers the following topics:


Data Server Logical Schema Staging Area Physical Schema Knowledge Module 
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