A Simple Synthesizer Using a MIDI Keyboard and Arduino

  • Alexandros Drymonitis


In this chapter, we’ll start building interfaces that can really be used for expressing musical ideas. Our first project will be a clavier synthesizer. For this interface, we’ll use a MIDI keyboard to control the pitch of the synthesizer, and the Arduino for various other types of control parameters. If you have a MIDI keyboard that provides potentiometers, pitch-bend wheels, and push buttons, you might want to avoid using the Arduino altogether. Still, the Arduino has a better resolution in its analog pins, so you might find that it provides more room for expression when it comes to sound quality control parameters. In this chapter, we’re going to cover different types of MIDI keyboards, from the new USB MIDI to the old-style 5-pin DIN cable MIDI. In the case of the latter, using an Arduino will be necessary if you want to avoid buying a MIDI-to-USB converter, which might be rather expensive.


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