Alternative Sources of User Input

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In previous chapters, your games have been controlled with traditional desktop computer hardware: a keyboard and a mouse. In this chapter, you’ll explore two alternative sources of user input: gamepad controllers and touch-screen controls. If you do not have access to a gamepad with a USB connector (as discussed later in this chapter), you can still follow along; the code will still compile, and you’ll leave keyboard controls as a feedback (a good practice to consider in general for the convenience of your game’s players). Similarly, even if you don’t have access to device that’s touch-screen capable, learning about the associated design considerations is still worthwhile. Furthermore, touch events and mouse events are handled by the same methods in LibGDX; you can simulate single-touch input (but not multitouch input) with the mouse. On the other hand, if neither gamepad nor touch-based input is of interest to you, this entire chapter may be omitted without loss of continuity.


Controller Class Game World Discrete Input Public Void Mouse Event 
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