DStreams: Real-Time RDDs

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According to IBM, 60% of all sensory information loses value in a few milliseconds if it is not acted on. Bearing in mind that the Big Data and analytics market has reached $125 billion and a large chunk of this will be attributed to the IoT in the future, the inability to tap real-time information will result in a loss of billions of dollars. Examples of some of these applications include a telco working out how many of its users have used Whatsapp in the last 30 minutes, a retailer keeping track of the number of people who have said positive things about its products today on social media, or a law enforcement agency looking for a suspect using data from traffic CCTV. This is the primary reason stream-processing systems like Spark Streaming will define the future of real-time analytics. There is also a growing need to analyze both data at rest and data in motion to drive applications, which makes systems like Spark—which can do both—all the more attractive and powerful. It’s a system for all Big Data seasons.


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