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We just finished building our first project with the Kactus theme, and here we begin another exciting project. This time, we build a Jekyll-based photo blog with some nice add-ons. We begin this chapter with a discussion of the scope and scale for this project and then dive into the details. We make a formal project specification that details the features to be implemented in the photo blog and technologies that we will use. This is presented in a general format so that the reader can adopt the spec to any personal or hobby projects. After going over the spec, we look for a Jekyll theme that can be modified to meet our goals. We then prototype the project in the simplest way possible. Once the prototype is done, we can start making modifications to the Jekyll theme and implementing features. We also discuss web technologies related to photo blogging, such as using a content delivery network (CDN). Finally, we end this chapter by going over how to create and run a MailChimp campaign.


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