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We covered the Kactus theme in detail in the last chapter, but now it’s time to make something using Kactus. In this chapter, we create a news brief web site using Kactus and implementing the web technologies that we have been discussing thus far. Kactus is a good foundation for this project because it is a simple theme that yields to modifications very easily. Our finished product with new style components would be very different from the original theme. This is our first self-contained project, so we also discuss the thought process that goes into starting a project: the design thinking involved in prototyping what the project should look like, creating a wireframe of the project at different stages, and finally making a list of components that need to be integrated into the project. These additional topics should give the reader a sense of how to start a new project using Jekyll and arrive at a mental image of how the project should function. We also talk about adding new style elements that we have not covered previously. Finally, we introduce how to use Git through this project, and more specifically, how to host the project on GitHub and manage modifications to Kactus using GitHub Desktop.


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