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Following the theme of this section, we build another open resources platform. The open dissemination of research data has been a boon to the community because it allows for cross-verification and a more cohesive understanding of the topics being studied. In this chapter, we return to using Jekyll as a blogging platform, but with new tools commonly used in academia. These power tools are enabled as modular includes so that they can run in the background to add several interesting features to the blog. We begin by picking a simple theme to use and then design a prototype for how we will integrate the services within that theme. After the prototype has been completed, we take on in-depth overview of Git and the CLI for it. We talk about the foundations of Git, followed by a tutorial on the most commonly used Git commands. Finally, we apply all the changes necessary to integrate all the tools that we previously discussed and end the chapter by discussing how those tools can be beneficial at large.


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