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The world was a very different place before the Internet was around. Most of the social media and microservices we use today would not have made sense in the past, and for very good and valid reasons. In the past, they would have been a waste of time. Why would you use a toy like the Internet to talk to people when you could simply meet them in person? Spending an entire Saturday looking at cat pictures would have been considered madness! Times have changed, though. The story of blogging is perhaps the greatest story told using the Web. It is a story of change; not just how society changed, but how the mindset of a generation changed with time. The times have changed to such an extent that the Internet is now perceived as a common tool, available to everyone. How did such a paradigm shift happen? Moreover, how did the beginning of Internet become associated with blogging? What applications was the Internet supposed to provide in the early days? These are some of the questions we explore in this chapter.


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