App Monetization

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When all is said and done, most developers aren’t in it just for the sake of creative expression. In most cases, you want some financial gain from the work you’ve done—even if it’s only enough to cover the expenses of building an app. And to be sure, building and maintaining apps can get very expensive very quickly. For one thing, because of the sandboxed nature of Windows 10 apps, many features aren’t available in the Windows 10 app world. Windows 10 apps are sandboxed for a reason—to minimize the damage a misbehaving app can do to a device—but the side effect of these well-deserved limitations is a need for apps to generally include a cloud component. This cloud resident part of the app functions like a traditional application with full access to the cloud server’s environment. Hosting such a solution quickly turns your fixed-cost app (the sweat equity used to build the app has a one-time price tied to it) into a recurring-cost app.


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