Querying with N1QL

  • Deepak Vohra


Though Couchbase Server is a NoSQL database it supports an SQL-like query language called N1QL. N1QL supports most of SQL features with additional features suitable for a document-oriented database. N1Ql’s use cases include complex queries embedded in applications, and analytics & reporting using ad-hoc queries. Unlike the fixed format of a table in a relational database, the documents stored in Couchbase Server are based on a flexible schema JSON model with nested objects and arrays. The schema-based document model of Couchbase Server requires a flexible path-based language rather than the fixed row/column structure of SQL. N1QL supports different kind of expressions for different kind of operations such as filtering, grouping, and ordering, to mention a few. N1QL queries Couchbase documents, not rows or columns. In this chapter we shall introduce N1QL with some examples:


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