Approach to Cut Over and Go Live Best Practices

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Now, one of the major pitfalls plaguing the SAP implementation is lack of planning the cut over and go live phase. As you’d realize, Cut over phase is the most important phase to do it right and complete a successful go live. Let’s see, how you manage a successful Cut Over phase. It’s not enough to getting near the finishing line, you’ll need to complete it. Hence, cut over phase is extremely crucial for the team to succeed in any implementation project. There are few aspects of a cut over that you’ll need to understand the key risks involved in managing cut over scope, governance, data migration, define freeze periods, interface checks and the rollback plan. As a cut over manager and/or a project manager, you’ll be directly responsible for managing the cut over tasks to a successful go live phase. Let’s understand the go live ecology, cut over overview, plan and templates. Now, before we dive deep into pitfalls due to lack of planning cut over ahead, let us understand the basics of cut over and the process involved during cut over. You might be a project manager, assigned to manage the cut over tasks and/or a specialist Cut Over manager, the basic objectives of cut over must be clear with defined scope, boundaries and execution plan to precision as you’re going to be launching the new product soon.


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