Introducing Flux: An Application Architecture for React

  • Cory Gackenheimer


The first four chapters of this book introduced React, which is the JavaScript framework for creating user interfaces, a product of Facebook’s engineering team. What you have seen up to this point is sufficient to create robust user interfaces using React and to implement React into your new or existing application frameworks. However, there is more than just React to the React ecosystem. One of these items is Flux, an application framework created by Facebook to complement React in a way that displaces the standard Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework. This is not because there is necessarily anything wrong with MVC as it stands, but more because when you start building an application with React and dissecting your application logic into components, you will find that a framework, similar to the typical MVC, will not be as efficient or maintainable as something like Flux, which has been designed with React in mind and also has the ability to scale your application without an increasing maintenance cost.


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