Pillar No. 6: Information Delivery and Consumption

  • Saumya Chaki


With an understanding of information warehousing and the key role it plays in providing a single version of truth to an enterprise, I now move to another key capability information delivery and consumption (traditionally known as business intelligence [BI], reporting, and the rendering of it through various channels) in enterprise information management (EIM). Information delivery and consumption is the last component in the EIM space and deals with the consumption of structured and unstructured information through a series of channels such as web browsers, portals, web services, and mobile devices. Although I discussed how information can be processed, stored optimally, and can be trustworthy to end consumers, its ultimate value comes from how it is delivered, and that is timely and through the optimal channels to key decision makers. To understand the information consumption needs of an enterprise it is crucial to design an information delivery and consumption framework that addresses the needs of information at different levels and in-line with the enterprise vision and goals.


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