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Building HTTP Servers

  • Shiju Varghese


Go is a general-purpose programming language that can be used for building variety of applications. When it comes to web programming, Go is a great technology stack for building back-end APIs. Go might not be an ideal choice for building conventional web applications where the web application performs UI rendering using server-side templates. When you build RESTful APIs for powering back-end systems for a variety of systems including web front-end, mobile applications, and many modern application scenarios, Go is the finest stack. Some of the existing technology stacks are good for building lightweight RESTful APIs, but these systems eventually fail when the HTTP requests have CPU-intensive tasks and the APIs are communicating with other back-end systems in a distributed environment. Go is an ideal technology stack for building massively scalable back-end systems and RESTful APIs. In this chapter, you learn how to build HTTP servers for building your back-end APIs.


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