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I have had jobs and careers. Jobs are a place to earn money, but there is more to careers. Careers are good things and still have an interesting aspect almost just funny. If you think about we work to pay bills and spend time doing thing we like in our free time. I look at careers as something you actually enjoy at the same time, so work and spending time doing something we like is the same thing. It is entertaining to me because I have had a few careers in my lifetime, and have felt the most at home in technology. I have enjoyed some of the other areas I have worked in but I started to see the opportunities in a technology field and switched careers from financial to database professional. I am also finding my career has changed as my experience has increased which tends to make sense. Different experiences have led me to explore these opportunities and evaluate what I am doing. It is a dream to be able to have a job that you enjoy doing, but if you think about it, it is where you spend a ton of time. I am not trying to be a career counselor here or bore you with my career path, but I believe that there is something to be learned here about finding an area of interest by exploring, researching, and exploiting the available resources. If it is something you enjoying doing day-to-day, it becomes the hobby, too, with involvement in the user groups. I have other interests outside of databases for my some of my free time, but because I enjoy my field and my experience with the user group they play off each other to make what I do more interesting and allow me to excel in these areas.


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