Preparing the Hosts for Provisioning

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Oracle Fusion Applications installation has so far been one of the biggest hurdles for many Fusion Apps enthusiasts from learning this new generation of applications. This is true mainly for two reasons—high configuration of the required hardware and the complex installation process. As far as the hardware is concerned, you can purchase your own hardware or lease remotely hosted servers from various cloud server providers like Amazon, Oracle IaaS, Rackspace, and others. Once the hardware is in place, rest assured that if you follow these few chapters of Oracle Fusion Applications installation, you will be able to host your own instance of Oracle Fusion Applications for learning, evaluation, and later, for a production environment. Avoid skipping any of these sections, since the tasks mentioned here are the minimum list of activities required for a successful installation. Although these steps are tailored for Oracle Fusion Applications 11g Release 7, 8, and 9, there will be only a few differences. I will mention important differences in the installation between various releases at each appropriate step.


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